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Lantau Yacht Club


Hong Kong is known as a hub for international business - a glittering, fast-paced metropolis. However, if you look just beyond the city and its iconic skyline, you’ll discover a more peaceful way of living on the charming outlying islands. Located in the heart of East Asia and ideally positioned as a gateway to China, Hong Kong is the perfect location to begin or end your sailing journey through Asia and beyond.


The Lantau Yacht Club, formerly known as Discovery Bay Marina Club, is part of a world-renowned residential community, a unique leisure and lifestyle destination situated at the northeast end of Lantau Island. The all new Marina is surrounded by lush greenery and spectacular mountains, a dramatic backdrop to the South China Sea just beyond the horizon. Our premium, members-only club offers world-class mooring facilities and luxury amenities – the perfect place to experience a more tranquil side of Hong Kong.


The Lantau Yacht Club Marina is undergoing major renovations and upon completion, the new Marina will be the first and only site catering to super yachts up to 100 metres in Hong Kong. The new Marina is scheduled for launch in the second half of 2020, giving you just enough time to make plans for your next adventure...


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